Steve Pogatch, Audio Engineer

I have over 13 years experience in audio production with a wide range of skills.  I work primarily on ProTools but have experience with other DAWs.  I got my career start working for a subsidiary of Technicolor working on advertising media for in-store television networks and digital out of home networks.


I have experience in recording music and voiceover and enjoy editing dialog.  I have a passion for sound and sound design, with experience ranging from mobile applications and video games to television advertising and corporate training videos.


I have music composition experience and have a passion for creating electronic music and using iOS applications to create music.  I have been a guitarist/bassist for most of my life and have played with various bands throughout my years.


Most recently I have created and edited some mobile application demos/advertisements which include capturing and editing video footage, providing voiceover (I have some VO skills), and creating background music and sound design.  Contact me if you need an app demo or advertisement created.


If you are a branding agency, advertising agency, app developer, independent filmmaker, or are in television, I would love to help you with your audio needs.





For inquiries please Contact Steve P At stvp2000@gmail.com